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【 Introduce 】
Working principle:
The vacuum tubes with heat pipe absorb solar energy and transfer heat into the tank.But the water in the tank is not to use,the tank just as a storage tank.One copper coil is installedin the tank as the heat exchanger. When water flows into the copper coil,it absorbs the heat of the water in tank via copper coil.

Storage tank within copper coil,assistant tank,exhaust pipe on the top of the tank,vacuum tube

◆ A copper coil is installed inside the tank as the heat exchanger;
◆When water flows into the copper coil, it absorbs heat from the water in the tank, therefore; the water tank is just a heat storage;
◆Can be used at any time to warm the cold water. It can overcome the shortcoming of traditional solar water heater, such as slow heating rate, long waiting time.
◆High efficiency: A special heat exchanging mode is adopted to avoid mixed effect, so cold water can be heated at any moment.
◆Water pressure is same as tap water; it can be connected directly to city tap water system.
◆Green and economical. No pollution in working, no cost for hot water.
◆Easy operation. Automatic water supply, you can take it easy and enjoy good time.
◆Fashionable. The appearance is nice and attractive and can fit into the surroundings properly.