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【 Introduce 】

◆Highly efficient absorber of high performance with daily average efficiency over 50%.
◆Start up quickly,heat pipe transfer the heat energy into the storage tank in one direction.
◆With stand pressure of 6 bar,can be connected directly with city water.
◆No water inside the evacuated tubes, the solar water heater can still in service even with several tubes breakage.
◆Highly efficient insullation with polyurethane foam.
◆Simple structure,easy to assembly and install.
◆Can be used all year round in the cold climate.
◆Can be used together with auxillary electric boost.
◆Long service life,can be used over 15 years.

1) This type of solar water heater works with high pressure
2) It uses the heat pipe to delivery the heat enenrgy, it can works rapidly.
3) Because of no water in the vacuum tube, so there will not tube breakage in the winter, even in the coldest area.
4) Each vacuum tube can work alone, so it can still operate in the event of occasional tube breakage